Our Brand

Symbolic, narrative and explosive by nature, Fate Rising blends conceptual fine art with exquisite materials and artesian craftsmanship to create highly personal and collectable  garments to cherish for a lifetime. 

Capturing the awareness through storytelling and conceptual motifs, Fate Rising garments tell the story of our times - in a way not dissimilar from the Bayeux Tapestry or war rugs from Afghanistan. 

Each textile design is hand drawn and produced for each garment using methods ranging from eco-friendly digital and screen printing, to beading, foiling and embroidery. Textiles and garments are designed in-house, and our collections are British made with minimal waste, using ethical, sustainable and artesian processes. 

Fate's passion for the arts began as a yearning to share a way of being and she is naturally drawn to the inner workings of the human experience.

As an artist and designer she combines storytelling and societal awareness with her interests in culture and pro-positive action.

While acknowledging the world for what it is, she seeks to document the trials and tribulations of the inner world in relationship to the lives we lead, while promoting true lionhearted, Romantic-Realist ideals and values. 

Finding holiness in all that she encounters, Fate tells the story of the demons we fight within ourselves, the challenges of being human, and the potential inherent within each one of us.

About Fate

Awards, Exhibitions,
published work

• Fashion Illustration shortlisted for the Draw Fashion Illustration Competition, UK
• Process Book Images published in Industry Textbook, ‘Fashion Design: A Guide to Industry and the Creative Process’ by Denis Antoine
• ‘Take Me With You’ embellishment collection featured by Arts Thread
• Awarded 1st Place in the ‘F’ Word Fashion Competition hosted by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and the National Trust, UK/EU
• ‘Birth of Fate’ painting exhibited at Portland Museum of Art, USA
• Photographs exhibited at the Farnsworth Art Museum as part of the Julia’s Gallery for Young Artists, USA
• ‘Dreams R Worth Having’ photo chosen by Farnsworth Art Museum to showcase in promotional materials for the museum.
• Awarded 4th place for short film ‘Woof Woof’ at the SHOOT Film Festival, Dartington Arts, UK

Fate's irrepressible passion for art, design and culture led her to create her own 'international' fashion and textiles curriculum through high-school, which she undertook in Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, followed by foundation studies at AUT in Auckland, New Zealand. 

HOmeschooling & Foundation Studies

Previously, Fate studied Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in the US, where she was introduced to tailoring by Denis Antoine, and developed her love for textile design. She also studied fashion at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney, Australia and Fashion Folio 1 at Central Saint Martins in London

Fashion studies

Fate received a Bachelor's of Arts Fashion Textiles: Print degree (First Class Honours) from London College of Fashion, where her original and authentic process was expressed through line-work, digital design, mixed media, collage and screen printing. Dedicated to absorbing as much as she could through this precious educational opportunity, she also used this time to lay the foundation for her professional career as an artist, fashion and textile designer. 

Textile Studies

Fate's Bio

Seeking to understand the inner workings of the garment industry, Fate studied 'big box' versus 'small independent' resources for garment manufacturing in Thailand, and then went on to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to discover the textiles resources available to designers at this central hub for textiles in Southeast Asia. 

Studies in Vietnam and Thailand

Fate's studied Ikat weaving with Kikuo Morimoto, the founder of the Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles, while designing her first fashion collection, made with traditional Cambodian textiles. Working closely with local garment makers, her final collection went on to win the Fashion Student category of the 'F' Word Fashion competition, hosted by the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and National Trust in the UK.  

Studies in Cambodia

Here Fate lived on Durbar Square in the magical medieval city of Patan; a city with the highest concentration of artists and artisans of anywhere in the world. Known as a centre for the cashmere industry, Fate studied cashmere quality and production from leading local business owners, while also exploring the exceptional resources for bead and embroidery embellishment. 

Studies in Nepal

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