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My life has been an adventure, and my memories are like fine art. I've been thinking deeply since I was a child, about beautiful things, and conceptual interests, in the hopes of creating a mind filled only with wonderful things. I embraced the embellishment of life that comes with a weird backstory and childlike good intent. I sought after the art of living from a very young age, seeking the road to ecstasy by learning about the jewels of collective consciousness, and lurking in my daydreams of grandeur. At the age of five I took a trip to Florence with my family, and it changed my life. I fell in love with the energy of course, but we visited the Uffizi Museum, and that's where my true direction took flight. I remember exactly how it was, as I turned into a room, and both Botticelli's Birth of Venus, and Primavera stood before me. I was practically immobilised, and found it incredibly hard to part with the paintings. These paintings, along with all the other artwork I experienced on this trip, left an indelible mark, and I returned to school a changed creature. The paintings became programmed in my genetic makeup, my fractal progression was altered, and when I came back, I drew naked men, women, and cupids on absolutely everything. It wasn't long before my mother began receiving a call from my kindergarten teacher, noting my 'obsession' with drawing naked people (along with a few other strange and unruly habits, including chanting the holy sound of Om whenever I worked on my paintings or classwork). My mother's response? She's an artist and artists have been drawing naked people for centuries!


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I have never considered myself a technical artist, and I do not have grand ideas of my artistic talents. When I was a younger artist, a teacher told me not to focus my energies on creating realism, but to embellish upon my greatest strength. Conceptual artwork, and artwork relating to my life, has been one of my most treasured methods of storytelling, and I have used art to share stories and ideas for as long as I can remember. Each painting must mean something in relationship to my world view, and it must come from a sincere place, otherwise I either won't work on it, or will feel no sense of satisfaction in it's completion. The high which I get from my art comes not from the technical expression of an idea, but the amount of myself I see reflected on the page. As I see it, my childlike pen and brushwork is simply a reflection of my innocence and balance between attention to detail, and disregard for detail.

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For instance, the portrait above is a reinterpretation of Botticelli's representation of Venus and Mars together. My version, entitled '1000 Boy's Willing to Waste Life with Me', speaks of the frustration I was having with my generation. This piece speaks of the distasteful debauchery of one of my bachelor friends, and his decent into self destructive patterns fuelled by the hopelessness of being a youth in the modern world. The girl, of course, is me, reflecting a look of hopeless distain, paired with calm strength and compassion. The boy is a fallen sparrow, lost to the world of the living, before truly reaching adulthood. The title speaks of the fact that there are thousands of wonderful men out there, but relatively few of them are creative and productive. Many of them just want to waste life away in a shallow state of perception.

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I've liked to rework the same ideas again and again over the years, beginning when I won an art competition at the age of 13 by creating a modern interpretation of Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus.' This first piece featuring me as Venus, my two best friends at the time, and my first kiss standing in Times Square. I naturally began to draw or paint The Birth of Venus again and again, with different conceptual backstories, different settings, and different characters. Sometimes I was Venus, and other times the heroines from my novels were Venus, but each time I fell deeper into the shapes.

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As a fashion designer, fashion illustration becomes a means to promote an energy. Where will your heroine be, and what wonderful situations will she get into, while adorned by your creations? It's a thrilling thing to think about, and it gives a life to your clothes that runs like a film reel in your head.

Mood, aesthetic and texture send off an eruption in one's brain and skyrockets a potential buyer into a world unique to themselves. In a moment they can star in their own film, entirely customised to suit their fancy. If used effectively, the buyer sells the product to themselves- so long as the first spark is lit for them.

Will she be laying on a riverboat in Venice with a handsome lute player playing music as they sip champagne, cheeks flushed pink with girlish sass? Or will she be lounging at the New York country club, a 50 dollar cocktail in hand, as corporate tycoons fall before her, pacified and neutered by our heroines brilliance?
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Here are two examples of my 'Birth of Venus' revisited. The one above is an expression of the Venus that every little girl is. I'd been thinking a lot from the perspective of a fashion designer at this point, and I'd been solidifying the iconic heroine that my clothing was meant to be made for. I was about seventeen when I drew it.

Below is a more recent version where one can notice a scene of graphic violence; representing the synesthetic pain I was feeling about current affairs. I felt as if I were standing silently living my life in a circle of calm within a hurricane. Using the pain I felt watching the news, the bombings, the terror attacks, I marked the moment with a scene of brutal violence and death. The goddess on the left blankets me in knowledge, the eye signifying awakening. There is a moment where every child discovers the true extent of the world's darkness, and within my disillusionment, this emerged.

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Dante's Inferno was one of my favourite projects I've worked on, because to me, it was the perfect combination of concept, journey, contemporary outlook, romantic intent, and sheer mass. I worked tirelessly for about two months. The story of Dante’s inferno is a conceptual illustrative journey taking a contemporary look at a timeless issue of one’s relationship to the universe. If growing up were easy, would it take so long?

Dante in this study, is represented by a Brazilian boy in Los Angeles, living as a creature of the night along Hollywood Blvd; essentially a well dressed street person. It’s a story of debauchery that turns into a story of disillusion, of love, and the recovery of the self to one’s righteous path of life. This project looks at the seven deadly sins, and compares them with the seven virtues, in a way that has the potential to mirror lost adolescents of my own generation.

There is a point in every young romantics heart, when the innocence of childhood is pushed to the sidelines, to make room for the acknowledgement of the sufferings, traumas, and demons that live in the heart of society. When a romantic goes through this kind of realisation, it can take anywhere from a couple months, to an entire lifetime, to contemplate before they can return to the world of innocence again. Realisation of the horrors this world has living within it can destroy the sweetest of souls, and coming back to one’s true self is marked with courage, maturity, and remembrance of all the beauty that lives symbiotically with the darkness in the world. The point is to raise awareness of the diversity of realities different people face, and to highlight the unspoken truth…that one city can be both hell and heaven depending on whose shoes one is walking in. In places where the realities of the rich and famous cross paths with those who wish they’d never been born, it seems like an appropriate place to compare and contrast the levels of hell and heaven in our limited realm of perception.

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Another interpretation of Botticelli's Venus and Mars

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I created a Design and Typography project around the idea of creating my own magazine. Pangea Magazine was a magazine designed to inspire the masses with the fuel they need to discover interests they never knew existed. For this project I indulged my passions for photoshoot stylising, artistic modelling, photoshop, typography and conceptual theorem. I created a faux article about an imaginary woman named Ginger Rey- with the intention of exposing the audience to a prime example of a positive and creative person.

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There is a sentimental beauty about a sincere magazine, portraying dependable ideals, and a sense of personality. Pangea as a magazine can be described as an affordable way for the common man to expose himself to culture and find inspiration, no matter what walk of life he comes from. In a world where becoming a cultured person comes down to being able to afford exposure to culture and experiences, or luck of the draw if one is born into a cultured, creative family, a magazine that can become a source of inspiration, culture, and learning, is a much needed asset of a progressive and healthy society.

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