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Have you ever dreamed of having a complete clothing line designed specifically for you? A clothing line designed to fit your form, skin tone, and personality? To have a wardrobe which is completely original; designed to fit your esthetics, and your lifestyle?

Fashion is about decorating your body and expressing yourself, using color, texture and form to articulate emotion, as well as character. That's why I love designing and creating clothing for a single benefactor. It is thrilling and inspiring to create clothing that will be worn to express an individual, assisting them through the process of exploring way to express their inner selves.

The way we dress, is linked to how we feel, and regardless of how others look at us, clothing is actually for YOU.

I have been a creative person my whole life, and my resume is available on request.

Commissions are closely entwined with my work availability, so time estimation is dealt individually with the client.

Feel free to email me with your enquiries.

Fate Rising
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