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Fate Rising

My name is Fate Rising and I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of the jewels of collective knowledge all of my life. A curious question entered my mind at a young age. If someone could master 'the art of living', then would living in the chaos of the modern world be not only bearable, but wordlessly pristine?

The quest for the art of living has been central to my inspiration as an artist and, as I was only a child, began very simply. Of course the evolution of this journey became inevitably more complex as I grew and was exposed to more of what the world has to offer. Before long, my curiosity for the art of living crossed into multiple fields of interest, the greatest influencing forces being philosophy, anthropology, quantum physics, history, art history, psychology, design, the study of youth culture, and the study of great masters of literature, famous for their documentation of the human experience.
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The journey is one of taste, texture, frequency and inner searching, and is a continually emerging process, tied to my evolution as an artist who increasingly knows myself. At this point, I have developed a true understanding of self, and feel that I have stepped forward into my life as an artist on the right foot.

My website shares some of my inspirations and creative projects, along with an outline to my approach for learning and experiencing the world. Enjoy!

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Fate Rising 2017