Fashion Folio - Drawing Illustrations

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Here I practice drawing garments from magazines, and photoshoots, in order to get better at articulating the qualities I want my fashion illustration to embody, such design, texture and the woman who will be wearing these clothes.

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In the end, my teachers thought the garments were drew accurately enough, although they wanted to see me draw with a looser, rougher, face, so that my work would be more contemporary. Back to the drawing board! Literally!

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Monkey King, modeling Mochino Mens!

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Saraswati modelling


Fashion Designer - Junya Watanabe


I found this collection during my recent research project on Fashion Folio, at Central St. Martins. It’s a 2000 collection by Junya Watanabe. It’s absolutely fabulous, and much of it is made from paper. The Japanese sure have a way with materials. After seeing this collection, I studied her other work, but I think this collection was her best.

I encourage you to check out her other work if you’re interested in fashion, she’s a little legend.

These aerial shots are insane; some of my favourite fashion shots ever.


She also creates unusual and interesting silhouettes.



Textile Designer - Raol Duffy


This isn’t the first time a wonderful artist has decided to take on textiles as a personal project. Roal Duffy’s textiles are now dated, but he was ahead of his time as an artist and printer. I’m in love with vintage prints, and Raol could dependably come out with wonderful patterns, textures and colors. Makes me want to go shopping for some more vintage blouses.


Where can I even find it? Are there reprints?


Textile Designer - Junichi Arai


One of my most recent textile inspirations is Junichi Arai, an artist who has the ability to make some of the most elaborately magical textiles. Born in Kiryu Japan, he learned at his fathers mill in Japan from 1950-1955, and his textiles have been used by some of the most highly skilled designers in the world, including such names as Issey Miake and Comme des Garcon. He has done a tremendous amount of work in fibre chemistry, making numerous new textures possible, and mastering permanent pleating. All of this, while staying true to his heritage, and letting it shine through in his work.

He is able to add dimension, and texture to metallics, in a way which makes the fibers look alive


One of his crimping methods, at this stage, the fabric looks geodesic



Classical Concerto in the Crypts - Charity Function


I went on a night out around the town last night with my mother and grandmother. We went to a Classical Concerto in the dark Crypts of London! It was a charitable event for Respond, an organization dedicated to those helping those with learning disabilities who have been or are victims abuse or trauma. They provide people with understanding and compassion, as well as therapy, advocation, and a few other systems of support.

One of the best reasons to enjoy a glass of wine, and a concert, I’ve ever heard. Lovely music.



Irregular Choice - Shoes for the Funky Fashionista


Puppies and shoes! I feel like I’m living a scene from Sophia Copplas wonderful rendition of Marie Antoinette, Sex Drugs and classical music! Irregular Choice, has captured my heart, far more than any other brand I’ve ever met. Capturing the spirit of Diana Vreland, myself, and a few other noteworthy designers, Irregular Choice, follows a romantic pattern of creating a shoe made from true beauty, made from all the little heavenly romanticisms the world has to offer.


Buying shoes from Irregular Choice becomes like a sort of addiction, as they will never stop producing style after style, shoe after shoe, never ceasing to amaze you. I can truly say, I could send anyone into this shop, and they’d find a couple of the most beautiful shoes they’ve ever owned.


Irregular Choice has become more and more popular in the celebrity community, being worn by famous stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry and many many more. There is no other shoe brand which truly captures quite the same style philosophy for fun in shoe wear like Irregular Choice. It is a truly needed, wonderful and of the times foot wear brand.


The Playboy - Fate Rising

I know the playboy well
I’ve seen many in my time
in all phases of their life
an archetype much like mine

I’ve seen them young
I’ve seen them grow
I’ve seen them middle aged
I’ve seen them old

I’ve seen them fight their addiction
and romanticize their passion
I’ve seen them meet their unhappy end
and sometimes find the right one for them

I’ve heard their stories of sexual deviance
their mothers mistreating them
their girlfriends fueling their sin
excuses on excuses, to stop their yearning

Their thirst as deep as the oceans depths
happy casanova on a mission
their drive to claim whats next
nothing can stop the calling to follow their vision


New Tea Cup Chihuahuas! - Lotus and Dragonfly


My house is full with the pitter patter of tiny puppy feet in Camden Town, London. Two new baby chihuahuas have joined the family, and are getting settled into the new house. They are absolutely insanely gorgeous, and are settling into their new home wonderfully. I’m so in love, it’s just not fair. After Snowflake passed away at the end of last year, we missed having the chihuahua energy around...


Ladies of Devonshire - Off to the Country

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Glitter Mary

Heading off to the countryside today, in order to spend some quality time with my girlfriends. After moving to London last autumn, I’ve been missing my lady friends more than anything. During my trip to the states, I had the opportunity to touch base with a couple of my chick friends, but I was mainly staying with my wonderfully rambunctious guy friends. Although I feed off my male energy, and need it in order to survive, the same goes for my feminine energy. This long period of time, without the company, security and support of my sisters, has been a trying time for sure. I am so glad to be reunited with such kindred spirits as these, my true bosom friends.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.52.25 PM

We decided to have a photoshoot in the castle gardens we grew up running around in as children in Exeter, and stayed in a beautiful house in the depths of the countryside, far away from the brutalities of English civilization.

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Lady Elfen

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This is Pixie! She was my host during my trip, and is a true sister of the stars! We had so many giggles, it was fantastic. Each night we made lovely food together, and body painted over a bottle of wine. We sure know the art of being productive in our spare time.

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There is nothing like seeing a group of Indigo Children, working together on a project that captures all of their passion. It’s a power like no other, and our strength comes in our numbers, and the will to create magic from nothingness.

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Personal Fashion, and Dressing Your Part


High fashion, style and costume, are a lot closer to the same thing than you might think. So much of all fine art comes down to personality, and the skyline.Your skyline is your horizon, and your spectrum of sight in the world. Which is set by what you’ve been exposed to, as well as whats expected of you in your life. Your personality shows how you react to these things. In other words, personal fashion is reaction, to watching the skyline of life.
If you look at the world like this, look what you can see... In history you see pockets of textile culture, you see social manipulation, and each cultures relation with sexuality. You could see how much freedom women were given, and you could see which parts of the body men found most erotic. As the wealth of the country (or the greed of its nobles) went up or down, that directly affected fashion.


As a costume designer for film or theater, your medium of expressing is by mastering clothes this way. Although today, in much of the world, we are given a lot more power to choose what we want to wear. The fact is that we are living in a branded society. We dress the way we see ourselves in the world, or how we wish to be perceived. Imagine being able to see the Joker, and his characters essence, played by the heavenly face of Heath Ledger. As an artist you would see his face, his hair, and his clothes melt away. You would essentially be left with the barest form of your character, and from there you’re capable of seeing their limits. It’s a beautiful talent to have, and it’s a golden talent to have. You have to exercise it to keep it, that’s why I’m mentally dressing and undressing those I meet all the time. I believe it’s a talent to keep evolving inside your head if you are an artistic person.

People are type cast by society from birth, everyone fits into a stereotype, and people dress the role they need to play. All of this while they think they are just wearing whatever they want.

Hollywood and the are the biggest culprit in this as, when a true costume designer is working with an actor, every piece of clothing has been chosen by that characters relationship to wealth, education, social position, sexuality, and personality. Just the same, a casting director would use the persons ethnicity, gender, weight, age, and beauty, in order to do the same thing. Every piece of the actor is predetermined to fit into a series of statements the film industry wants you to understand about this person. After finding this balance, you can understand costume, and everything you want to say about a person, just from their clothes. People respond visually, and just like a picture is worth a thousand words, an outfit can be worth a hundred statements you have to say about the world.

All of this comes with it’s pros and cons, but in a greater sense, is like a anthropological culture dig, for cultures across the globe, since the invention of the moving pictures. Hollywood one of the greatest insights we can have into the belly of how society type casts everyone who lives in it. It’s a way of manipulating each person to feel like they play a part, and have a character they themselves might embody, documenting societies neurosis as a whole. These stereotypes cut their way deep into our culture as a whole, because it end up limiting our individual self expression. Instead of being who you really are, you are forced to react to the much predetermined playpen that the media stuck you in, when you were born, which you actually have the ability to get out of at any time, it just will come wholly from yourself, and how you choose to react to your skyline.


Fashion Doodles - Keeping the Flow Moving


Spending a lot of time developing the emotional aspects of my paper fashion lines. I’m coming up with too many sketch collections to know what to do with. Trying developing my jewels further, but I gotta say, the more sketches you get out the more good ideas you end up having.


I just want to find the right artists to make some of these visions a reality. Oh for the love of haute couture!
What I would do for a workshop of true artisans at my disposal.



Goodbye California! Hello London!

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I’m back in London, and did my time in the states. I did what I needed to do, and had a lot of fun doing it. I’m so happy to be back in England, as it’s one step closer to starting Fashion Folio, as well as being settled in Europe for the long term. The Americas have seen the last of me for now, but thats only because I have a mountain of work ahead of me, with only smooth sailing on the horizon. Spent the flight back to the UK drinking wine with a super cool swinger couple. Eating cupcakes a mile high in the sky! Life looks good.


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Jersey Boys - Palm Springs


Heading out to go see Jersey Boys, with my wonderful grandmother on our last girls night before I head to Laguna, on my way back towards Los Angeles. Always on the move, it’s so sad to say goodbye to family. Distance, and time... two things that truly do separate me from my loved ones the most. We had the most lovely time though. For those of you who don’t know, Jersey Boys is a broadway show about The Four Seasons, a male singer group from the 60’s through to even now.... Most famous for it’s longest running member Frankie Valli. It’s the story of their rise to fame, and the series of events (and ego trips) which lead to their eventual split. This particular production of this wonderful show, was on it’s last or second to last show of their entire tour, so I could see they were exhausted, and they weren’t at the top of their game... That being said, they weren’t on the top of their game for a fantastic crew of artists, dancers, and actors, and thats all that matters. Great job, lovely night.


Palm Springs - Street and Night Markets

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For decades Palm Springs, and the towns surrounding it have been a great center for music, the arts, and the elderly. Including a variety of marketplaces around the valley, available on different days of the weeks, there is a lot of shopping to be done around here... the difference is, you get a lot of independent artists and designers setting up stalls here, who come from all over California and the surrounding states to sell their wares. This is a great place to make connections with other people in the art world, as well as pick up a few very original and interesting items.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 1.20.14 PM
Got my baby brothers watches... they’re in love!


Fate's Eighteenth Birthday


Spent my eighteenth in Hollywood with my fabulous group of gruntish musical, cuisine oriented monkey men.... on Superbowl Sunday! So there aint no rest for the wicked... I got away with some eloquent conversation, mixed with rowdy entertainment, and a few glasses of naughty champagne. You know, birthdays are always interesting things for... And an eighteenth birthday is one of the most interesting birthdays you can have in your life. I think maybe it’s because I’m an aquarius, but birthdays make me very thoughtful. Maybe it’s a time to be happily melancholy for me, but I am glad I got to spend it with people who care about me, while on my business/family trip to the states. Gonna start celebrating my half birthday as well... figure then I’ll live more, and longer if you get my drift.

On a roof watching the sunset in Santa Monica