Mythology: World Creation Stories

The Navajo Native American Tribe is the largest acknowledged tribe in American History. Going back for thousands of years, they were nomads across the lands. The Navajo people have been said to have migrated all the way from East Alaska, all the way down to where we now call New Mexico. They have a beautiful network of myths and legends that have survived the test of time and are still with us today, one of which is the story of creation…


A long time ago, before the earth had came to be… There was nothing but infinite darkness. There were no birds, or trees, or plants, there were just six beings in all the dark space. There was the First Man, and the First Woman, Fire God, Salt Woman, Coyote and then Bengochiddy, the Child of the Sun. The first beings were bored with the state of their surroundings. Bengochiddy reached into the darkness and created four mountains, A white mountain in the East, a blue mountain in the South, a yellow mountain in the West, and a black mountain in the North. The only problem with this world they’d created, was that there was no light in it. Things could not flourish without light. Bengochiddy planted a seed into the earth and from that, grew a tall hollow reed. It rose into the darkness. The first six beings climbed inside, and grew into the second world. The second world was light blue, but it was occupied by a race of cat people. The first beings and the cat people warred over the lands for years, eventually the first beings had to accept that neither of them would ever win. They retreated back to the hollow reed, and grew up to the third world, it was yellow and full of light. They decided that this beautiful land would be their home. They created rivers, lakes, animals and mountains and began their lives there… One day Coyote was out for a walk, and he stumbled upon a baby. The baby was the child of the water monster, and Coyote couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some mischievous work. He picked up the baby and took off with it, hiding the child under his blanket. At discovering the disappearance of his son, the water monster conjured a massive torrential downpour that flooded the entire world. The water was not stopping and slowly rose, and rose, and rose. They made Coyote give back the water monster’s baby, and only then did the deluge end. They grew up, and Locust helped to carve a hole up into the fourth world. The being’s built their houses again, this time adding stars, and a moon. This world wasn’t as beautiful as the third world was, but they liked it still.

And that is the Navajo story of creation. The End.


Unbearable Lightness of Being

Part One: Summary

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is a deep love story, starting with the casual meeting of Tomas, and Tereza. Tomas is a surgeon, filling in for a colleague in a small town a little outside Prague. As he’s getting a drink in a bar, he meets Tereza, a waitress there. Automatically infatuated, Tereza hints to have a meeting with him after her shift got off. After a brief chat Tomas must return to his work in Prague. Tereza goes to visit Tomas and so their affair begins. Eventually Tereza moves in with Tomas and they become a true couple. Everything is right in their world, until Tereza finds out about Tomas’s numerous liaisons with other women. Including, the woman who got Tereza her job as a photographer in Prague, Sabina. Tereza begins to have frightening nightmares relating to her uncontrollable jealousy over the situation. As political problems arise in Prague, they are forced to leave. The move from her home country, killed Tereza, and with the inability to find a job that suited her, she departed to Prague again, leaving only a letter to Tomas behind. Tomas tried to act indifferent, but it was then he realized how much he truly needed her in his life. He then too, returned to Prague.


Intro to Micro Exploration 1: Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is an incredible tale of the passionate love story of Tomas, Tereza, Franz, Sabina and the loyal dog Karenin. Set in Prague during the Prague Spring in the late 1960’s, The Unbearable Lightness of being is a philosophical and psychological look at the simple and thought provoking lives of these iconic characters.

I’ve decided to go as deep as I can into understanding this book, from beginning to finish, over the course of the next 3 months I’ll be stepping into their lives, and floating through their stories and follies.

Entries You May Expect of Me

- Summary of Part One
- The theory of Heaviness and Lightness
- Into the Character of Thomas
- A look at Tereza’s Dreams
- Summary of Part Two
- Into the Character of Tereza
- The Yin and Yang of Lovemaking
- Tomas’s infidelity