Creative Writing - Exercise 1

Prompt: write a short story about an event from your childhood. Try to give us a vision of the moment and times.

Time: 10 Mins

No editing

The Blackberry Pie

I used to have a group of close guy friends when I was a young girl living in England. We lived in a community just off the highway, and I was new in the area. We’d never been so close at school, but when the school year came to its end, and the boredom of summer sunk in, we all started seeing each other every day. There were five of us, Carter, a slightly older boy, tall and lanky , he was vegan and the brains of the operation. Next, there was Ram, an indian football boy who had been in my class in school, Washington, the smaller boy with the killer humor, who had a heart of gold, James was another footballer, freckle constellations covering his body, and then lastly, there was me. We would run around the neighborhood with scooters and bikes, then, we were the kings of the community… Except when any of the older students from St. Rollin’s came through. They were the bullies, always trying to intimidate the younger children. I wasn’t scared, but that’s because I was a girl. We had our special places that we’d hide and do our secret business. There was a special tree, that hid all who stood under it with a canopy of low hanging branches. The effect was essentially a dome, that we could sit under and hold council. There was a bare branch that hung low, so if you jumped you could catch onto it and swing up into the tree. We would climb to the highest branches we could and spy on those passing by. Some of the older boys stole a bunch of wood and nails. They made a tree house but wouldn’t let us come up. We waited for them to leave and the boys peed all over the tree house so it was completely uninhabitable. The other place that was fun to go was the park, we would hang out at the basketball courts and watch other children. Sometimes we’d play games on the playground and play hide and go seek in the trees behind the park. It was a good time. One day, we were walking around through some of the restricted areas around the train station. While we were there, we found an almost never ending supply of blackberry bushes. I had the idea to collect a bunch and make a pie. We ran home to my house and collected a bowl each. We returned to the bushes and began to pick, eating many and putting some in our bowls. Climbing across giant rocks, we jumped from rock to rock over perilous blackberry bush. After a couple berry wars, and much casual talk, we were finished. We ran home to my mother were we presented them to her. Suddenly a thought struck her, how do you make a VEGAN blackberry pie? She decided to experiment. An hour later, she presented us with a freshly made pie. We sliced up 6 pieces and then greedily began digging in before we realized that it tasted TERRIBLE! It was the worst and best pie any of us had ever made.