Exploration 1: The First Clothing

500,000-10,000 B.C.E


The first clothing came 500,000 - 10,000 BCE. Animal hides were used and wrapped around the body. It was a time in history when dramatic temperature changes were common. One day a smart neanderthal realized the potential that skins had. It wasn’t until 40,000 BCE that man discovered to push holes through things and to tie them together to create livable clothes. Neanderthals were beginning to invent tools, and weapons. Eventually wool entered the scene, which was a nice alternative to furs, and skins. The Cro Magnon Man were some of the geniuses of the stone age. Cro Magnons were supposedly the first to be able to use fire, they created the needle, and created tools to help cut tiny holes into skins. It wasn’t until much later that humans evolved from this, and began to create individual styles and cultures, united with their style sense.


Fashion Moment: The needle is one of the prime inventions that changed the face of fashion forever. They were henceforth able to create fitted clothing.


7500-5700 B.C.E

Evidence suggests that they were able to make fitted trousers! Because of the different pigments beings used back then, scientist now believe that body painting was used. The first dyed textiles appear in Catal Hoyuk, southern Analtonia, present day Turkey. Stamps have been found at their sites suggesting they stamped pigment paint onto their outfits for pattern. The oldest pair of sandals ever found were from 4000 BCE and from Egypt. Around 3600 BCE flax becomes the number one fibre used in Egypt.

Fashion Moment: The Chinese make a huge leap in clothing by using silk worms to make silk. This changes the face of fashion forever.

Evidence suggests that the later cave people’s clothing, wasn’t much less developed than modern day eskimos clothing.


Mythology: World Creation Stories

The Navajo Native American Tribe is the largest acknowledged tribe in American History. Going back for thousands of years, they were nomads across the lands. The Navajo people have been said to have migrated all the way from East Alaska, all the way down to where we now call New Mexico. They have a beautiful network of myths and legends that have survived the test of time and are still with us today, one of which is the story of creation…


A long time ago, before the earth had came to be… There was nothing but infinite darkness. There were no birds, or trees, or plants, there were just six beings in all the dark space. There was the First Man, and the First Woman, Fire God, Salt Woman, Coyote and then Bengochiddy, the Child of the Sun. The first beings were bored with the state of their surroundings. Bengochiddy reached into the darkness and created four mountains, A white mountain in the East, a blue mountain in the South, a yellow mountain in the West, and a black mountain in the North. The only problem with this world they’d created, was that there was no light in it. Things could not flourish without light. Bengochiddy planted a seed into the earth and from that, grew a tall hollow reed. It rose into the darkness. The first six beings climbed inside, and grew into the second world. The second world was light blue, but it was occupied by a race of cat people. The first beings and the cat people warred over the lands for years, eventually the first beings had to accept that neither of them would ever win. They retreated back to the hollow reed, and grew up to the third world, it was yellow and full of light. They decided that this beautiful land would be their home. They created rivers, lakes, animals and mountains and began their lives there… One day Coyote was out for a walk, and he stumbled upon a baby. The baby was the child of the water monster, and Coyote couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some mischievous work. He picked up the baby and took off with it, hiding the child under his blanket. At discovering the disappearance of his son, the water monster conjured a massive torrential downpour that flooded the entire world. The water was not stopping and slowly rose, and rose, and rose. They made Coyote give back the water monster’s baby, and only then did the deluge end. They grew up, and Locust helped to carve a hole up into the fourth world. The being’s built their houses again, this time adding stars, and a moon. This world wasn’t as beautiful as the third world was, but they liked it still.

And that is the Navajo story of creation. The End.


Philosophy Lesson Two: What is Skepticism?


a. To have doubts or reserved judgements about a thing.
b. a political movement in Philosophy.

We will be learning about definition b in this short mini lesson of notes.


Let’s start by introducing to you…

The Infinite Regress Argument: an argumentative point in Philosophy that states true knowledge of the world is impossible. Why? Because every time you create a new ‘truth’ in your mind, you are justifying it.

For example: I saw a dalmatian at the park the other day.

But can we know this to be certain? Was the dog painted with spots? Was it a robot dog? Was it really an alien pretending to be a dog? The larger the imagination, the more possibilities we can conger up with our minds about what I really saw at the park the other day. The thing that stops people from speculating over this, every time they create a new ‘truth’ in their head, is called ‘common sense’, which although can be spoken for, can also be very, very, wrong.

In order for you to be a ‘true’ skeptic, you must realize that in order for anything to technically be considered true, you must justify it, then justify your justification, and justify that justification, and thus, carry on to infinity. Which is where ‘The Infinite Regress Argument’ comes from.


This leads us on to question the legitimacy of our senses...

Can We Trust Our Senses?:
We already know that there are ways in this universe to manipulate sight…

a. Perception
b. Optical Illusions
c. Color blindness
d. Hot water on normal vs. freezing hands
e. Mirages
f. Hallucinations (drug induced or otherwise)

Waking Dreamers:
While you are dreaming, everything seems entirely real. Henceforth, what’s stopping all of this from being a dream right now?
- See Inception

It’s All An Illusion!: Because of the reasons I listed above, we cannot fully trust our senses, what’s stopping all of this from being merely an illusion brought on by anything, from Aliens keeping us sedated in a coma like state so they can feed off the magnetic fields in our brains, to being a fairy princess in a magical land, simply asleep by the fairy dust stream.
- See The Matrix I, II (but not three, that was crap).

This is another reason we can never be certain of anything.


Pyrro of Ellis arrived at this and thus rejected all forms of knowledge because he truly believed that NOTHING is for certain. Pyrro thus became a bit of a philosophical calamity because he was so extreme with his theories, that his friends and followers had to follow him around stopping him from walking into traffic and falling into holes. This is a case where a philosopher has rejected all common sense about the world for his claims.


Creative Writing - Exercise 1

Prompt: write a short story about an event from your childhood. Try to give us a vision of the moment and times.

Time: 10 Mins

No editing

The Blackberry Pie

I used to have a group of close guy friends when I was a young girl living in England. We lived in a community just off the highway, and I was new in the area. We’d never been so close at school, but when the school year came to its end, and the boredom of summer sunk in, we all started seeing each other every day. There were five of us, Carter, a slightly older boy, tall and lanky , he was vegan and the brains of the operation. Next, there was Ram, an indian football boy who had been in my class in school, Washington, the smaller boy with the killer humor, who had a heart of gold, James was another footballer, freckle constellations covering his body, and then lastly, there was me. We would run around the neighborhood with scooters and bikes, then, we were the kings of the community… Except when any of the older students from St. Rollin’s came through. They were the bullies, always trying to intimidate the younger children. I wasn’t scared, but that’s because I was a girl. We had our special places that we’d hide and do our secret business. There was a special tree, that hid all who stood under it with a canopy of low hanging branches. The effect was essentially a dome, that we could sit under and hold council. There was a bare branch that hung low, so if you jumped you could catch onto it and swing up into the tree. We would climb to the highest branches we could and spy on those passing by. Some of the older boys stole a bunch of wood and nails. They made a tree house but wouldn’t let us come up. We waited for them to leave and the boys peed all over the tree house so it was completely uninhabitable. The other place that was fun to go was the park, we would hang out at the basketball courts and watch other children. Sometimes we’d play games on the playground and play hide and go seek in the trees behind the park. It was a good time. One day, we were walking around through some of the restricted areas around the train station. While we were there, we found an almost never ending supply of blackberry bushes. I had the idea to collect a bunch and make a pie. We ran home to my house and collected a bowl each. We returned to the bushes and began to pick, eating many and putting some in our bowls. Climbing across giant rocks, we jumped from rock to rock over perilous blackberry bush. After a couple berry wars, and much casual talk, we were finished. We ran home to my mother were we presented them to her. Suddenly a thought struck her, how do you make a VEGAN blackberry pie? She decided to experiment. An hour later, she presented us with a freshly made pie. We sliced up 6 pieces and then greedily began digging in before we realized that it tasted TERRIBLE! It was the worst and best pie any of us had ever made.


Unbearable Lightness of Being

Part One: Summary

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is a deep love story, starting with the casual meeting of Tomas, and Tereza. Tomas is a surgeon, filling in for a colleague in a small town a little outside Prague. As he’s getting a drink in a bar, he meets Tereza, a waitress there. Automatically infatuated, Tereza hints to have a meeting with him after her shift got off. After a brief chat Tomas must return to his work in Prague. Tereza goes to visit Tomas and so their affair begins. Eventually Tereza moves in with Tomas and they become a true couple. Everything is right in their world, until Tereza finds out about Tomas’s numerous liaisons with other women. Including, the woman who got Tereza her job as a photographer in Prague, Sabina. Tereza begins to have frightening nightmares relating to her uncontrollable jealousy over the situation. As political problems arise in Prague, they are forced to leave. The move from her home country, killed Tereza, and with the inability to find a job that suited her, she departed to Prague again, leaving only a letter to Tomas behind. Tomas tried to act indifferent, but it was then he realized how much he truly needed her in his life. He then too, returned to Prague.


Philosophy Lesson One: Knowledge

There are three kinds of knowledge that philosophers acknowledge;

Practical knowledge: Skill based knowledge

Knowledge by acquaintance: Knowledge that doesn’t come from fact, but familiarity. Things you know because you’ve experienced them.

Factual Knowledge: Knowledge based on solid FACT! Something that can be backed up by a citable source…

For example…

Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France because…

A. I believe it…
B. It is true…
C. I can prove it with fact.

To note:

What is a fact? - a thing that is known and proved to be true.

Throughout your journey through philosophy with me, I ask you to look deep into yours and others claims for loop holes that could potentially disprove said fact.