Mythology - Mini Exploration


Over the course of one year, I will conduct a Mini Exploration of Mythologies around the world, guided by the work of Joseph Cambell in his Mythos Lecture Series. We will start by studying mythology by region and exploring the famous god families, along with creating my own myths. Through this mini course, I’ll be learning about myths from the following regions…

-North American Indian

In this section of my Explorations Blog, I will conclude what I learn with a summary of each episode, idea, or story, and my ideas surrounding each. Also, I will go into depth into the psychology surrounding mythologies across the world. I am looking forward to this journey through mythology, as I have been fascinated by mythological stories since I was a small child. The journey begins in earnest on 1st August 2014. Check back to see where the journey takes me.


Intro to Micro Exploration 1: Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being is an incredible tale of the passionate love story of Tomas, Tereza, Franz, Sabina and the loyal dog Karenin. Set in Prague during the Prague Spring in the late 1960’s, The Unbearable Lightness of being is a philosophical and psychological look at the simple and thought provoking lives of these iconic characters.

I’ve decided to go as deep as I can into understanding this book, from beginning to finish, over the course of the next 3 months I’ll be stepping into their lives, and floating through their stories and follies.

Entries You May Expect of Me

- Summary of Part One
- The theory of Heaviness and Lightness
- Into the Character of Thomas
- A look at Tereza’s Dreams
- Summary of Part Two
- Into the Character of Tereza
- The Yin and Yang of Lovemaking
- Tomas’s infidelity


Intro to Exploration 1: Textiles Industry


Into the Threads of the High Fashion Garment Industry is an exploration of the history, and the ways of the garment industry. Through this exploration, I will be looking at the history of clothing, starting at the very beginning. 100,000 years ago, during the reign of the neanderthal man, all the way up into a anthropological study into the modern dress of countries across the globe. During this course I will be learning in depth about the uses of different materials in the textile industry, the history of the Silk Road and the process of creating clothing throughout time. I will interview people working in the industry today, for their opinions and ideas. I will study the lives and careers of fashion icons in the last 200-250 years, and create a portfolio of them to exhibit.

Eventually, I need to display my understanding of the textile industry by creating numerous designs, and my first fashion line. My line will be influenced deeply by my life in Nepal, and theories about what fashion is lacking in.

Rising will be producing it’s first complete line in the summer of 2015.