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Fate Rising
Creative Director and Founder

My name is Fate Rising and I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of the art of living all my life. This quest has been central to my inspiration as an artist, and as an academic.

My curiosity for the art of living has crossed into multiple fields of interest, the greatest of these being philosophy, anthropology, quantum physics, history, art history, psychology, design, the study of youth culture and the study of great masters of literature famous for their documentation of the human experience.
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As an artist, I believe its my duty to experience as much of the world as possible, finding cultural perspective a key factor in my growth. From South East Asia, Middle Asia, Australasia, Europe, the UK, and across America, I have slid through cultures, subcultures, and scenes, infusing myself with youth culture, the international perspective of my generation, and generations before my own.

As I naturally gravitate towards the things that excite me, I find the art of living has found me, and my aesthetic has become my own. The journey is one of taste, texture, frequency and inner searching, and is a continually emerging process, tied to my evolution as an artist who increasingly knows myself through knowing the world, and having new and wonderful experiences. At this point, I have developed a true understanding of self, and feel that I have stepped forward into my life as an artist on the right foot.

Fate Rising Inc. was founded in the summer of 2018, but it's a project that has been 10 years in the making. Visit our Art of Living Culture School page to find out more about our long term vision. Also, you can now visit my online shop which will be evolving in the months to come. Enjoy!
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Casel Melendy
Managing Director and Co-Founder

Casel was born to a prominent Californian artistic family in the 60's and it was a standard occurrence during her childhood to have the likes of Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix step through the door, seeking the company of fellow creatives.

With a childhood steeped in art, culture and literature, she was also exposed to the mind altering sciences of quantum physics, fractal geometry and biophysics. Trained as a Naturopath, integration of the arts and sciences went on to become central to her professional life as an educator.

Like Fate, Casel travelled extensively between the UK, North America and Asia and her passion for the Art of Living evolved through exposure to a wide variety of inspiring people, places, ideas and cultural aesthetics.
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