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My name is Fate Rising and I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of the art of living all my life. This quest has been central to my inspiration as designer, artist and academic.

Heroic individualism and raw romantic realism are at the core of my creative evolution and, as a synesthete, I am best at communicating concepts through mood, form, color and texture.

My aesthetic began as a yearning to share a way of being and I am naturally drawn to the inner workings of the human experience. Soul connection and kindred spirits are holy concepts in my work, as is the inner child, and my designs are inspired by elements of my life, dreams or facets of culture or society that I usually witnessed first hand.

I grew up between such culturally diverse regions as the UK, Europe, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Australasia, and across North America, and immersed myself in each country that I lived in.

As a third culture kid, observation of cultural differences is a chief facet of my psychology. When given the opportunity to explore a new type of beauty, art form, worldview or lifestyle, I am able to retain my own individual independence as I sift the urban world for inspiration. Each culture and subculture that I've been exposed to has increased my aesthetic awareness and contributed to an authentic cosmopolitan mindset.

Creative projects energize me, especially when given more freedom, and I've reached places of bliss through the creative process that I have not reached in other ways. My priorities are about making things happen, and not wasting opportunities when I'm given them. I'm not afraid of getting my foot in the door, getting my hands messy and working individually or collectively to reach a goal.

Art of living is my life!